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Developed by educators and behavourial psychologists for over a decade, our personnel training has demonstrated effectiveness in building essential workplace skills. Ingenican delivers increased collaboration and communication for individuals and organisations, demonstrating both personal and professional leadership across various sectors.

1.1 M+

Module completions by learners around the globe


Completion rate of modules following student engagement


Average competency increase on reattempting modules

Immersive Learning

Ingenican’s blended approach to education theory, psychological approaches to training, and gamification techniques bring a highly effective and immersive learning experience.

Our training connects with people on an emotional level, providing better learning retention through realistic scenarios, interpersonal relationships and workplace challenges.

With a growing library of over 100 training and assessment modules that are customisable to meet individual requirements, Ingenican offers modules that are easy and effective to process, and available 24/7 for self-paced learning.

Cost-Effective Upskilling

Gamified training is one of the most cost-effective ways to build people skills, working seamlessly with other training programs or as a stand-alone package.

Online Training

Curated soft-skills learning packages for all experience levels
Our 100+ trainings span “job ready” preparation through to management and leadership, curated with you and tracking your staff progress via our learning platform.

Integrated Learning

Embed pre-built and customised modules into your existing learning program or LMS
Our modules are available today and customizable on request, expanding the depth of your current training program via self-paced, 24/7-available behavioral training add-in modules.

Learning Events

Accelerate professional development with in-person or online blended events
Bring a decade’s experience in hybrid learning events to your organisation, incorporating skilled facilitators and programs built for your learning objectives.



Choose a pre-built package from the list below, or work with Ingenican to customise it to your needs.


Manage Your Productivity
Learn how to use proven productivity hacks to make the most of your day
Be Assertive
Practice proven assertiveness techniques as you work towards being more assertive
Email Writing – Business Communication
Learn the nuances of email writing to communicate professionally and effectively
Stay Motivated
Reflect on what keeps you going and how to manage stress and burnout
Think Customer First
Learn the key behaviours of building a customer-first mindset
Make strong decisions
Master critical tools and steer clear of biases when making decisions

Enhanced Productivity

Unlock the Self-Leadership Toolkit
Explore the various tools and behaviours needed to be a successful professional
Compliance Awareness
Understand the key compliance requirements that impact your role
Adapt to Change
Learn how to stay agile to change and be resilient in the face of challenges
Going the Extra Mile
Take initiative, go above and beyond, and refine essential skills

Enhanced Communication

Have Feedback Discussions
Have future-focused feedback discussions, using the STAR-AR technique
Move from Conflict to Collaboration
Identify effective ways of resolving conflict and working with others
Influence with Impactful Stories
Master different story structures to make impactful presentations
Work with Internal and External Stakeholders
Engage, influence and manage internal and external stakeholders effectively
Be a Master Communicator
Practice listening, questioning and structuring communication at work

Leadership Transition

The Smart City Challenge
Discover your leadership potential in this unique 4 episode adventure
Unlock Your Leadership Toolkit
Make the transition from individual contributor to people manager
Set Goals For Your Team
Learn to communicate and cascade SMART goals effectively
Master Delegation
Understand what to delegate, how to delegate and who to delegate to
Motivate Your Team
Understand what drives your team members and how to keep them engaged

Enhanced Management

Acing Problem Solving
Enhance your problem-solving skills to tackle complex challenges with confidence
From Manager to Coach
Learn when and how to have coaching conversations with your team members
Navigating People Management
Unlock the secrets to building a harmonious and high-performing team
Lead Hybrid Teams
Explore the tips and tricks of leading hybrid teams effectively
Manage Change
Help your team survive and thrive in this ever-changing world

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